PETER NEILL, Director, World Ocean Observatory

Who is Your Hero? Throughout his career Peter Neill has contributed to organizations devoted to marine affairs, education, and culture. He has written numerous articles and books on maritime history and art. Peter is Founder and Director of the World Ocean Observatory, and is host of World Ocean Radio, a weekly series of 5-minute audio essays on a wide range of ocean topics, and editor of World Ocean Journal, a bi-annual art, music, science publication of the WOO. World Ocean Observatory,, is a not for profit organization based in coastal Maine. The mission of the WOO is expand public awareness of the implication of the ocean for the future of human survival. To serve as a central place of exchange for ocean information, education and public discourse. To serve as an independent forum and focus for ocean affairs. To advocate for the ocean through an open, worldwide network of communication. And to provide a window on the future of the ocean for the general public and decision-makers around the world. World Ocean Radio,, hosted by Peter Neill, provides coverage of a broad spectrum of ocean issues from science and education to advocacy and exemplary projects. WOR is a weekly series of brief audio essays for syndicated use at no cost by community radio stations worldwide, and is free for the listening by everyone. World Ocean Journal,, is a bi-annual e-magazine on ocean culture, issues and solutions to today’s ocean issues. In their inaugural 2014 volume they include essays, interviews, art, exhibits and performances which profile some of the vital impacts of the ocean on our lives. World Ocean Video,, are web-ready lectures and documentaries chosen as key amplifiers of relevant ocean issues. Each of the featured inspiring individuals, programs and organizations provide varied and comprehensive demonstrations of exemplary contributions to ocean knowledge and advocacy. The World Ocean Directory,, is a dynamic list of ocean-related organizations located throughout the world. It presently contains more than 18,000 entries, a fraction of the many institutions that are involved in all aspects of ocean studies, education, technology, and communication. They invite you to add your organization to the list and to join the growing world ocean community. How has your Nominees efforts made a difference for the better? Mr. Neill has always maintained an interest in the future of the oceans and been a strong proponent of maritime education. During his tenure as president of the South Street Seaport Museum from 1985-2005, Mr. Neill devoted a 3rd of the museum’s budget to the New York City schools and presently is Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Ocean Classroom Foundation. In addition to being an author and editor for “American sea writing: a literary anthology”, Mr. Neill is also a regular contributor for a blog on the Huffington Post. His World Ocean Observatory programs contain an inexhaustible supply of information on ocean health which he makes freely available to us all. Take the Citizens of the Ocean Pledge: How will being recognized as a YachtWorld Hero further your nominee’s cause? Recreational boaters can help spread the word of this vast resource of information about the health of their beloved ocean; and the dissemination of information and education about ocean health is Mr. Neill’s cause. Please share any website or online articles about your nominee’s activities. World Ocean Journal – Peter Neill, Founder and Director of World Ocean Observatory, was nominated by Ron Winegar, Kilauea, Hawaii, in the category Ocean Defender.

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