What Can Boaters Do?

What Can We Do?

World Ocean Observatory - Welcome, fellow Citizens of the Ocean! We are in the midst of building a socially-driven social movement, a growing network of informed individuals motivated by a love of the ocean and an understanding that global connection is a powerful way to defend and sustain the ocean. We are joined together against the bankrupt values of the past, and united as a force for the future. Take the Citizens of the Ocean pledge today. I pledge to work for the sustainable ocean through these personal commitments.. Join us in making a change in the right direction for the future of the ocean.

Sailors for the Sea – From the smallest sailboat to the largest mega-yacht, there are many steps you can take as a boater can take to reduce your environmental impact; here are six big ones.

Overboard Discharge- Sewage discharge from marine heads can cause significant damage to surrounding waters. Read more to understand these problems and find a list of pump-out stations.

Oils and Fuel Spills – Over half the ocean’s waste oil comes from land-based sources and from unregulated recreational boating. With a little pre-caution, recreational boaters can take small steps to mitigate the inherent risk of spilling oil or fuel while operating their vessel.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products – Deciding which cleaning product is ideal for your boat can be daunting, but with the proper knowledge you can determine the cleaning product that is best for your boat and the environment.

Invasive Species Prevention – Invasive species are non-native plants or animals that adversely affect the habitats they enter. Boaters can take simple precautions to ensure they do not help these species spread.

Gray Water Reduction – Did you know? Water washing down the sink of your boat should not be discharged overboard? Learn more about the problems gray water can create.

Bottom Paint Copper bottom paints leach toxic chemicals. Learn how environmentally friendly bottom paint will lessen your boats impact.

The International SeaKeepers Society – There are simple things every boater can do to help protect the ocean. Read about Blue Boating Recommendations and Critical Ocean Issues with Action Items for Concerned Citizens. http://seakeepersblueboatingrecommendations.aspx

Oceanconservancy.org – Sign up for the Ocean Conservancy 26th Annual International Coastal Cleanup

Oceana.org – Help prevent an empty ocean – Tell Congress to fight overfishing for the sake of the animals and communities who rely on a healthy ocean

‬Surfrider.org – Protecting oceans, waves and beaches since 1984. Here are ten easy things you can do to reduce your ‘plastic footprint’ and help keep plastics out of the marine environment.

A brilliant 90-minute documentary filmed by directors Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot, along with their team in partnership with OMEGA and with the scientific support of Tara Expeditions, captures the extraordinary images of our remarkable oceans – the source of all life on our planet. http://oceans.taraexpeditions.org/en/galerie.php?id_page=13&gallery_type=video

Please post your favorite website lists of what boaters can do to keep our oceans healthy.