STAN HONEY, Director of Technology for America’s Cup Event Authority

Who is Your Hero? Stan Honey is a hero to sailors everywhere, and particularly to those of us who would like to see more people on the water. Honey’s work on the TV technology in the America’s Cup has revolutionized… Cruising Family

BEHAN & JAMIE GIFFORD, Family Cruisers

Who is Your Hero? The Gifford family has been at sea with their 3 young children since 2008. They have navigated from Washington State through Mexico to Australia, then from Papua New Guinea to Malaysia, where they are currently. They… MTM HEAD SHOT 08.06.10.


Who is Your Hero? Michael Moore is chairman of The International SeaKeepers Society, an integral pillar of YachtWorld Foundation, which became YachtWorld Heroes. Early on as we searched for a cause and road to reward our beneficiary, Michael suggested we…