JIM MORIARTY, CEO, Surfriders Foundation

Who is Your Hero? The Surfrider Foundation, run by current CEO , is an international non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches. Founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers in Malibu, California, the Surfrider Foundation now maintains over 250,000 supporters, activists and members and 90 chapters worldwide. For an excellent overview, view Jim’s introduction of Surfrider Foundation here: http://www.givinglibrary.org/organizations/surfrider-foundation and view his bi-weekly blog on important ocean pollution issues and solutions here: http://www.surfrider.org/jims-blog. Each year the Surfrider Foundation identifies priority campaigns to focus their work and ensure they achieve important on-the-ground protection of our oceans, waves and beaches. While they provide support to 84 on-ongoing campaigns, priority campaigns are where they go the extra mile to achieve meaningful conservation advancements. Surfrider has three major areas of focus in 2014: Clean Water, Ocean Protection, and Rise Above Plastics. The Rise Above Plastics mission is to reduce the impacts of plastics in the marine environment by raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and by advocating for a reduction of single-use plastics and the recycling of all plastics. http://www.surfrider.org/programs/entry/rise-above-plastics. The Blue Water Task Force is their volunteer-run, water testing, education and advocacy program. Their chapters use this program to alert citizens and officials in their communities about water quality problems and to work toward solutions. http://www.surfrider.org/blue-water-task-force Know Your H2O is their program designed to educate people on the link between freshwater management issues and the impact on our oceans, waves, and beaches. They advocate for practical and environmentally sound solutions. http://www.surfrider.org/programs/entry/know-your-h2o. Urban runoff is the #1 source of ocean pollution. Water running off our properties picks ups pollutants like fertilizers, pesticides, animal poo, and fine sediment as well as oil, brake pad dust and exhaust from cars. The Ocean Ecosystem Program protects and restores ocean ecosystems through a proactive approach to conservation. Their core areas of work include: Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), Offshore Drilling, Renewable Ocean Energy, and Marine Spatial Planning. http://www.surfrider.org/programs/entry/ocean-ecosystem How has your Nominees efforts made a difference for the better? Here are 10 snapshots of what Surfrider has been up to in the United States this year. All this work is the result of tireless effort from volunteers, club members, staff and their board of directors. http://www.surfrider.org/jims-blog/entry/surfriders-top-ten-in-2013 – View the 2012 Victories captured in this video: http://vimeo.com/55404943 View the whole list of victories http://www.surfrider.org/images/uploads/publications/Victories.pdf How will being recognized as a YachtWorld Hero further your nominee’s cause? Surfrider’s exposure to YachtWorld’s recreational community of boaters will further their mission of spreading their message while recruiting new volunteers, encouraging new chapters, and raising funds for important projects. Please share any website or online articles about your nominee’s activities. www.surfrider.org PSA’s: Blue Sway: http://youtu.be/DHdPt9r3pBA Pet Fish: http://youtu.be/M3sjim4CUAI Butts: http://youtu.be/Toov5j-0-4g Plastics Kill: http://youtu.be/R6IP3_aRFtA The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water: http://youtu.be/espNKMCZ1kU Jim Moriarty was nominated by Daryl Ann and Chris Grassi, of Princeville, Hawaii, in the category of Ocean Defender.

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