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Who is Your Hero?

Bahen is the founder and former director of Hudson River Community Sailing in New York City and now oversees the development of a summer sailing academy and afterschool programs on the Nauticus campus aimed at underserved youth, as well as sailing outings for adults during weekends and evenings. Proceeds from Sail Nauticus programs enable youth, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, develop academic and leadership skills through sailing and maritime sciences.

How has your nominee’s efforts made a difference for the better?

Bahen founded Hudson River Community Sailing (HRCS) to serve the urban community of New York City with an emphasis on youth education that provides enriching maritime access through the medium of sailing. HRCS was the first community sailing program able to offer a year of academic after school programming using sailing and boat building as method of teaching. Upon completion of each section of this program, HRCS students earned credit in school in math, science and physical education.

How will being recognized as a YachtWorld Hero further your nominee’s cause?

Studies of established sailing programs in other port cities have proven that sailing instruction aimed at disadvantaged youth significantly improves academic performance. Sail Nauticus’ major goal is to provide a positive influence for our region’s at-risk youth and community through challenging year-round academic programming in both water- and classroom-based settings.

With more recognition about the program, Mr. Bahen and Nauticus may have the opportunity to promote the program more broadly. Sail Nauticus was able to launch initially thanks to a charitable gift from Mrs. Jane Batten to support operations and programming for three years. Students will learn to sail on Harbor 20 sailboats, fixed keel boats with small motors, which can be safely maneuvered out of the active shipping lanes and into more recreational areas of the river and bay. The Center will also operate the schooner Virginia, and incorporate the tall ship into its STEM-based curriculum and summer camp programming.

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Bill Bahen was nominated by Courtney Chalmers of Dominion Marine Media, in the category of Joy of Boating Crusader.

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