STAN HONEY, Director of Technology for America’s Cup Event Authority

Who is Your Hero?

Stan Honey is a hero to sailors everywhere, and particularly to those of us who would like to see more people on the water. Honey’s work on the TV technology in the America’s Cup has revolutionized the way sailboat racing can be understood by non-sailors. Perpetually seen as “boring as watching grass grow,” sailboat racing can now be understood by laymen. It’s well known that often graphics can convey extremely complex situations where words fail miserably. The complex geometry of windshifts, current, disturbed wind, racing rules and tactics can now be visualized. Image copyright Team Groupama.

How has your Nominees efforts made a difference for the better?

From this point forward, anybody can “explain” much of the sport by passing along a YouTube link, and most people will be able to comprehend the basics.

How will being recognized as a YachtWorld Hero further your nominee’s cause?

First of all, this technology will excite people about the sport of sailboat racing, which has struggled in recent times. With additional recognition, Honey’s groundbreaking work will also inspire more technology and teaching experts to convey complex marine information simply and graphically.

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Stan Honey was nominated by Kurt M. Hoehne, Navigator at in the category of Marine Industry Professional Changing the World.

Image copyright Team Groupama.

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