JEANNE SOCRATES, 3X Circumnavigator

Who is Your Hero?

This year Jeanne Socrates completed a singlehanded, nonstop circumnavigation at age 70. This was after another two previous circumnavigations met unfortunate ends. Her first ended in a beaching and loss of her boat and during the second she was badly knocked down off Cape Horn and encountered major problems with repairs, but managed to regroup and start again, finally circumnavigating around all Five Great Capes on her way to re-starting her nonstop attempt. Her achievement proves what most of us know, perseverance is paramount in everything. It also proved what not everyone knows, that age and gender need not get in the way of that kind of remarkable physical challenge. photo credit: YACHT/Kevin Light

How has your Nominees efforts made a difference for the better?

There is nothing better for encouraging people than to give them a hero. Joshua Slocum, Sir Francis Chichester, Eric and Susan Hiscock and others have inspired countless people not just to sail, but to tackle amazing challenges. Taking up singlehanded sailing at an age when many people are looking for a retirement home sets a tremendous example for people of all ages.

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For Socrates’ amazing achievements, it’s surprising she has not gotten more recognition, especially in the U.S. She is open and eager to talk and share her story, and has a schedule of speaking engagements lined up. Many more people should hear her story and be inspired.

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Jeanne Socrates was nominated by Kurt M. Hoehne, Navigator at in the category of Joy of Boating Crusader.

photo image YACHT/Kevin Light

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