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In his travels at the helm, YachtAid Global’s founder, Mark Drewelow (a former megayacht captain and now a port agent), saw plenty of places where people needed the bare basics: medicine, school supplies, you name it. It took some planning, but in 2006, he created YachtAid Global to match megayachts to these people. When he learns of a community that has a special need, he reaches out to his network of captains, crews, and owners, figuring out which yacht will be in that area and asking if any of them would be willing to take the supplies to the shoreside connection.

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Mark has successfully gotten school and medical supplies delivered everywhere from Alaska to Belize and across the Pacific. He has even helped raise awareness of a school in Indonesia where the Komodo dragons were attacking children, geting funds raised to purchase a fence to surround the schoolyard. The yacht crews and owners who know Mark are incredibly inspired by him. In fact, the owners and crew aboard the yacht Slojo held an across-the-ocean, around-the-clock fundraiser for YachtAid Global, raising more than $50,000 to help it further its good deeds worldwide.

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YachtAid Global is a nonprofit that ensures humanitarian and developmental aid reaches some of the most remote regions of the world. Its tagline says it all: Changing the World Without Changing Course.

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Capt. Mark Drewelow of was nominated by Diane M. Byrne,


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  1. Hi World.

    I am humbled by this nomination by my friend Diane, thanks Diane. Imagine seeing my name up there next to Jean Michael Cousteau !!

    YAG is busy every day. We have special projects in the field planning, moving or staging aid going to some isolated community.

    Most recently, we will have some big news about a private donation from a corporate foundation for schools around the Gulfo De Chiriqui in western Panama.

    A special thank you to the YAG advisors, YAG Ambassadors around the world, and everyone who continues to help us along our unique path.

    Last night at the Oscars, Michael Douglass had something interesting to say, i don’t know if these are his words or some unknown academy writer, goes like this…

    ” doing everything imaginable to realize a singular vision ” sort of feels like what is going in this office, causing a stir within the Superyacht industry, thats what we are doing and people are starting to notice and pay attention.

    YachtAid Global

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