Capt. Alexia Barrier, Yachtswoman, Solo-circumnavigator, Educator, Ocean advocate

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Capt. Alexia Barrier founded the ocean research program “4myplanet” which saw her commission and sail a 60 foot sailing yacht around the world single-handedly, while gathering ocean status data and educating school children worldwide via satellite podcasts and in person along the way. Alexia was supported in this endeavor by many Monaco-based ocean groups and was named to the Honorary Host Committee SeaKeepers Bal de la Mer, 2012.

Science: As an ambassador of oceanographic research, Alexia promotes the use of scientific instruments and ARVOR profilers to the superyacht industry to collect ocean data. The systems automatically send the data to a database which is made available for free to scientists and school children around the world.

Environment: As an ambassador for the green yachting industry, Alexia works with Dragon Kraft Company building a Green sail boat using bio resins and coating products, and is working on energy systems for a new generation of a hydrogenerator.

Adventure: The next singlehanded racing project is the Vendee Globe 2016, a race around the world singlehanded without stopover, without assistance.

Education: Alexia shares her passion of the ocean with children and teaches them how the oceans are precious for life. In 2014, a boat will be engaged in Cape to Rio Race with a crew of young sailors from South Africa, Brasil and Europe – the first leg of the 4myplanet Tour.

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Adventurer, inspirer, educator, and researcher, Capt. Alexia Barrier carries the message of ocean advocacy to people around the world – sailing the high seas is her platform.

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Captain Barrier is very well known in Monaco, France, and elite sailing circles, and is less well known throughout the world – a spotlight as a YachtWorld Hero will introduce her to recreational boaters and the yachting industry around the world.

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Alexia Barrier was nominated by Robert Calcagno, CEO of Oceanographic Institute in France and Monaco, of the Foundation Albert the 1st Prince of Monaco.

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