Deborah Kinder, Documentary Filmmaker, Founder/CEO BLUE Ocean Film Festival

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Debora Kinder, an award winning documentary filmmaker, is the Founder and CEO of the BLUE Ocean FIlm Festival and Conservation Event. She is co-founder of BLUE’s parent non-profit organization, Make a Difference Media. Writer and conservationist, Debora brings together the ocean filmmaking community, scientists devoted to the oceans, and deep sea film buffs.

In September 2012 the International SeaKeepers Society was pleased to have Deborah Kinder on a committee of 42 remarkable women, all renowned for their work in yachting and ocean advocacy. By serving on this Committee of Peers Deborah Kinder, continued her work known for bringing light to the world’s most important environmental movement – protecting the oceans. On a magical night in Monaco, Ms. Kinder did this by honoring a woman known to the fashion world as “Agnes b.’ but in the world of ocean advocacy she is less known as the benefactor of Tara Marine Expeditions and its scientific research vessel known as TARA. SeaKeepers everywhere greatly admire remarkable women like Deborah Kinder who through there selflessness also honor others. It goes without saying that Ms. Kinder is an extraordinary filmmaker and committed environmentalist. It is fitting and appropriate that Yachtworld Heroes has chosen to honor Deborah Kinder as a 2013 Yachtworld Hero.

How has your nominee’s efforts made a difference for the better?

Debora writes on, “Never has it been more urgent to promote, honor and share films that inspire people to protect our ocean and the life within.” This is one person very effectively leveraging thousands to educate others.

How will being recognized as a YachtWorld Hero further your nominee’s cause?

To use a tagline from Make a Difference Media, Deborah is “USING THE POWER OF MEDIA FOR THE GREATER GOOD”. Exposure as a YachtWorld Hero on will pass on Debora’s message to the recreational boater/yachtsman/yachtswoman, and to the marine industry.

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Make a Difference Media

Deborah Kinder was nominated by Michael Moore, Chair, The International SeaKeepers Society.

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